Blog Topics & Ideas

The hardest part of keeping up with writing for me has always been germinating the ideas, staying focused on particular topics, and getting in a regular cadence. So I wrote this list of topics I'd like to focus on, particular areas of interest within those topics, and potential posts that could be written about each of them.

It's my hope that this can help me separate the task of generating ideas for posts from the very different task of actually writing those posts. And it's also my hope that by publishing this list, I may actually force myself to, ya know, write once in a while.


things related to the study of the environmental impacts and business opportunites created by climate change

  • cleantech advances
    • A123 and the future of battery tech
    • hydrothermal cost & proliferation
    • public sector cleantech funding under Obama
  • energy usage stats & articles
  • EV's & automotive


ideas related to the design of products, both online and offline

  • web products
    • what happened to Quora?
    • state of the Foursquare
    • cloud9 IDE
  • mobile products and applications
    • mobile games that dominated in 2013
    • my obsession with Instapaper
    • wtf is a snapchat
  • advertising/marketing products
    • twitter advertising market sizing (how many cust's? how much $?)
    • buzzfeed sponsored content performance
  • durable goods & gadgets
    • xbone one first impressions
    • chromecast design/experience
    • coolest new ski/ride products
    • chromebook total sales history with benchmarks


descriptions of hypothetical business/organization concepts, meant to serve as running explorations of their viability


short responses to other blog posts that attempt to contribute additional facts or alternate conclusions from elsewhere


notes on tech, computer science, and programming, heavy with links


first-person notes on experiences, generally involving business transactions or tech-based user experiences